Goal & Value


The ultimate goal of the college is to upgrade to a University level & to be the pioneer Excellency center and most respected and leading private higher institution in east Africa.

The Core Value of Our College

  • Quality:- The College wills commit to create conducive learning environment that promote the quality of our training and learning process.
  • Diversity and Tolerance:- We appreciate and learn from diversity of ethnicity, culture, religion, languages and sex and deal with each other with tolerance and mutual respect.
  • Gender sensitivity:- We are determined to rectify the prevailing gender inequality and imbalance in our staff and students composition.
  • Networking for Collaboration and Partnership:- We believe working with organizations and different sectors locally and internationally for communication, sharing of experience, information and resources.
  • Work for change:- Continuous change and improvement, integrity, transparency, and high-standard stakeholders services.
  • Customers Satisfaction:- We work to meet or surpass our customers’ expectation.

Other values should considered

  • Pursuit of truth and freedom of expression of truth.
  • Institutional reputability based on successful execution of mission.
  • Competitiveness in scholarship and cooperation with other institutions.
  • Institutional autonomy with accountability.
  • Participatory governance and rule of law.
  • Justice and fairness.
  • A culture of fighting corruption.
  • Quality and speedy service delivery.
  • Economical use of resources and effective maintenance of assets.
  • Recognition of merit.
  • Democracy and multiculturalism.